The Great Gatsby Exam Outline

The following outline may prove helpful for preparing for The Great Gatsby Exam on
DAY 18 of the syllabus.

PART 1  CHARACTERIZATION (matching)                                          25 points
You will be required to match descriptions and passages from the novel with the character that each description/passage identifies.

PART 2            SETTING (matching)                                                                15 points
You will be required to match the passage from the novel with the location that is identified by the description.

PART 3            EVENTS (true/false)   
                                                               25 points
Determine the validity, according to the story, of each event described.

PART 4            EVENTS (written response)                                                   20 points
Identify and explain the significance of each of the passages indicated.

PART 5            SYMBOLISM (written response)                                          15 points
Indicate why each presented symbol is important to the theme of the novel.