The Crucible Act Four Study Guide

You may choose to read along with The Crucible audio book.

1.  Where does Act Four open?
2.  Why is Titutba calling Herrick Your Majesty and claiming that the devil has come to take her home?
3.  Who appears in the jail cell after Tituba is removed?
4.  What appears to upset Dansforth?
5.  Why are the cows wandering the highroads?
6.  According to Reverend Parris what has happened to Abigail Williams?
7.  What did Abigail do to Parris?
8.  According to Parris what has happened in Andover?
9.  What did Parris discover when he opened the door to his house?
10. What does Reverend Hale report to Dansforth?
11. What do the ministers want from Elizabeth Proctor?
12. List five events that the reader learns from Elizabeth and John Proctor’s conversation.
13. How does Giles Corey die?
14. After his conversation with Elizabeth what does John Proctor decide to do?
15.  Why does Proctor change his mind?
16. What does Elizabeth Proctor mean when she expresses, He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!?
17. List five facts that appear in the play’s summary Echoes down the Corridor.