Student Thesis Statements about Life of Pi

A Few Essentials about the Thesis Statement:

A thesis statement is the compass of your work.

A thesis statement reveals the most important opinion that the writer can make.

The thesis statement must avoid leading in a direction where the writer is simply retelling the story.

Wording must be carefully considered, precision is imperative and an appropriate sprinkling of imagery may be just what a bland statement requires.

Based on the criteria expressed above, locate the mot effective thesis statements about Life of Pi presented below:

Pi learns that when your life is at stake you need to put ethical and mental preconceptions aside.

Pi would not have lived without his will to survive.

Pi’s tenacious pursuit for survival preserve both his physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The theme of Life of Pi is mental and physical survival on the ocean.

Pi learns that survival requires sacrifice while living a full life hinges on one’s ability to withstand the turbulence of the most brutal storm.

Through pi’s experience in the lifeboat he soon learned that to survive you must make sacrifices and to live your life to the fullest you must withstand the trials and tribulations, sometimes in any way possible.

Pi matures and grows out of his innocence as he experiences the events of the book.

The overlying theme is finding out who you are and accepting that.

Pi must overcome his morals in order to survive.

The main theme in Life of Pi is religion.