Short Story Summary Guidelines

After you read an assigned short story you are responsible for responding to each of the short story concepts, presented below in respect to the assigned story.  You will be able to use these guidelines on any future assessments.  The guidelines will also be assessed as a homework grade.

1.  What is the title of the story?
2.  Who is the author of the story?
3.  What is the setting of the story?
4.  Who is the protagonist in the story?
5.  Who/what is the antagonist of the story?
6.  What is the conflict of the story?  Represent the conflict with one of the following selections as well as provide an explanation of your selection:
Person vs. Person
Person vs. Society
Person vs. Nature
Person vs. Self
7.  Summarize the story.
8.  List other supporting characters of significance.
9.  What is the theme of the story?