Saint Denis and Idyl of the Rue Plumet Study Guide

1.  What are Marius’s two reasons for leaving the Gorbeau House?
2.  Where does Eponine discover Marius and what is he doing?
The House of the Rue Plumet
1.  What name is Jean Valjean using?
2.  What does Jean Valjean always take with him and what does Cosette call the object?
3.  How did Jean Valjean deceive himself?
4.  What dream does Cosette have about her mother?
5.  How are Cosette and Marius like stars?
Aid from Below May be Aid from Above
1.  How does Cosette resemble April Joy?
The End of Which is Unlike the Beginning
1.  Why is Cosette upset by the appearance of the stone on the bench?
2.  What are Marius’s first words to Cosette?
Enchantments and Desolations
1.  What sad news does Cosette share with Marius?
2.  Why is Marius unable to follow Cosette to England?
Where are they Going?
1.  What message does the voice in the garden give Marius?
2.  What event occurs on the day of General Lamargue’s death?
3.  Who is the man from the Rue Des Billettes?
4.  What does Gavroche mean when he explains, The mouse has caught the cat?
5.  What is going to happen to Javert?
Marius Enters the Shadow
1.  Why has Marius gone to the barricade?
2.  Describe what Marius sees inside the barricade
The Grandeurs of Despair

1.  Who saves Gavroche and Courfeyrac?
2.  How does Marius win the battle?
3.  Who is the man in the velvet pantaloons?
4.  What is Eponine’s dying wish?
5.  What errand does Marius send Gavroche on?
The Rue de L’ Homme Arme’
1.  What does Jean Valjean see in the mirror; how does he react to it?
2.  What apparent decision has Jean Valjean made?