Lion Study Guide Chapter 13


1.  How did Saroo wish to travel back to Kolkata?
2.  How did Swarnima help Saroo? 
3.  What did Saroo remember about his childhood train ride that was extremely unusual?  4.  How fast do the Indian trains go?                               
5.  Who does Saroo speak with on the train ride?       
6.  Approximately how many people live in Kolkata?   
7.  How old was Mrs. Sood when Saroo reunited with her?   
8.  Describe Mrs. Sood background.     
9.  Who is Madeleine Kats?     
10. How is Mrs. Sood associated with Mother Teresa?   
 11.  What does Nava Jeevan mean?     
12. How long did Saroo’s adoption take?
13. Who is Mrs. Medhora?
14. What is the last place that Saroo visited in Kolkata?
15. When Saroo was a child what men on the bridge felt like guardians to him?