Lion Chapter 9 Study Guide

Finding Home

1.  What was the date that Saroo discovered his hometown on Google Earth?
2.  What was the name of the railway station where Saroo was separated from his brother and his family?
3.  How long had Saroo been on the computer nonstop?
4.  How many months of search had Saroo invested into finding his home?
5.  Who were the first two people that Saroo informed about finding his home?
6.  What is the significance of the group Khandwa:  My Home Town?
7.  Who are the sadhus?
8.  What is Ganesh Talai?
9. What are the three popular exports in the Madhya Pradesh state?
10. Why does Saroo decide to return to his birthplace alone?
11.  How many months passed since Saroo identified Ganesh Talai . and he stepped foot on the plane to travel there?
12.  What did Saroo’s Mum give him for the trip?