Lion Chapter 5 Study Gide

  1.  When did Saroo land in Melbourne?
  2. What was the first word that Saroo expressed to his new parents?
  3. Living on the streets in India had taken a physical toll on Saroo.  What three physical conditions did he have when he arrived in Australia?  
  4. What map did Saroo have in his bedroom?
  5. What was Saroo’s favorite toy?
  6. Why was Saroo upset when he saw red meat in the refrigerator?
  7. What coincidence surrounded the suburb of Howrah and India?
  8. Did Saroo feel that he was subjected to racism?
  9. Who was Saroo reunited with when he went to the zoo in Melbourne?
  10. Who is Mantosh?
  11. How were Saroo and Mantosh different?
  12. What happened to Mantosh when he was at Liluah?
  13. Why did Mantosh seem to attract racist comments?
  14. Why did Saroo’s parents cancel their planned trip to India?