Lion Chapter 4 Study Guide


1.  Describe the condition of the beggars that Saroo saw along the bridge and on the other side.
2.  Describe the events surrounding the first boy that Saroo met and how Saroo became separated from him and his mother.
3.  Describe the events surrounding the second boy that Saroo met.
4.  How many homeless kids do Saroo estimate live in Kolkata today?
5.  What does Saroo speculate happens to many of these kids?
6.  What were the notorious Stoneman murders?
7.  What was Liluah?
8.  How was Saroo treated at Liluah?
9. What does Saroo recall seeing climb over walls at Liluah?
10. What is Nava Jeevan?
11. What gift does Saroo receive at Nava Jeevan?
12. Who is Mrs. Sood?
13. Who are Abdul and Musa?
14. Who is Asra?
15. What was the red book that Saroo received?
16. Who is Aunty Ula?
17. How many months passed since Saroo was adopted from the time he was separated from his family?
18. Where is Saroo’s new home?
19. what gift did Saroo receive during his trip to his new home?
20. What is the significance of the description of the plane and its streaky trail described at the end of the chapter?