Lion Chapter 2 Study Guide

Chapter 2 describes the immense poverty that Sarooo and his family in India live in.  These questions require you to reflect upon the family struggle.

1.  Who is Saroo’s sister and what responsibility does he have for her?
2.  Why isn’t Saroo’s mother around to take care of the younger children?
3.  What is the relationship between Saroo’s parents?
4.  Who are the two men referred to in this chapter who provided Saroo with a father figure?
5.  Who are Saroo’s older brothers?  Why are they spending less time at home as the chapter progresses?
6.  Discuss three specific times where Saroo has to be ingenious in order to get food.
7.  Who did Saroo’s family share his first home with when he was born?
8.  What religion were Saroo’s parents?
9.  Why doesn’t Saroo father lived with his family?
10. Explain how the following quote left an impression with you regarding this chapter:  Hunger and poverty steal your childhood and take away your innocence and sense of security.  But I was one of the lucky ones because I not only survived but learned to thrive.
11. Why was Guddu arrested?
12. Describe the egg collecting event that Saroo and his brothers participated in.
13. How did Saroo lose his blanket?
14. Describe how Saroo ended up in Calcutta.
15.  How did Saroo attempt to get back home?