Lion Chapter 10 Study Guide

Meeting My Mother

1.  What is backsheesh?
2.  What was the small green Mosque that Saroo came upon before he met his mother?
3.  What new development did Saroo’s town have that made it appear different to him?
4.  At his former dwelling, Saroo met a man outside.  What important role did that role play?
5.  How many years had passed since Saroo last saw his mother?
6.  Who is Sheru?
7.  Who is Fatima?
8.  Who is Cheryl?
9.  What occupation did Saroo’s mother now hold?
10. What happened to Guddu?
11. Why couldn’t Saroo visit Guddu’s grave?
12.  What proof did Saroo’s mother have to his identity?
13.  What message did Saroo send to his Mum and Dad?