Julius Caesar Act IV Study Guide

PART I  Explain who each of the following characters is according to their appearance in Act IV.

Caesar’s Ghost

PART II  List, in order, what you consider to be the three most important developments in Act IV.

PART III  Indicate who expressed each of the following quotes from Act I and indicate the apparent significance of each quote.

This is a slight, unmeritable man,
Meet to be sent on errands.  Is it fit,
The threefold  world divided, he should stand
One of the three to share it?

 Thou hast described
a hot friend cooling.  Ever not Lucilius,
When love begins to sicken and decay
It useth an enforced ceremony.

 Remember march; the ides of March remember.
Did not great Julius bled for justice’ sake?

 There is a tide in the affairs of men
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune…

PART IV Answer the remaining questions according to the play.

1.  Why does Brutus accuse Cassius of having an itching palm?
2.  What has happened to Portia?
3.  What reason does Brutus give Cassius for marching to Philippi?  What strategic flaw is revealed through his thinking?