Hero Presentation


You may choose to work with another classmate for this assignment.

Now that you have completed your hero essay you are to prepare a presentation for which you will speak to the class about your thesis.

Your presentation will be in the form of a keynote production displaying your thesis and supporting information along with appropriate pictures to enhance the significance and appeal of your information.

Your opening slide should include your thesis statement from your essay.  If you are working in pairs you will first have to agree upon a mutual thesis.

Each slide should then follow the order in which your thesis is expressed.

The presentation is valued as a performance assessment which as you should know by now is in the 30% category of graded responsibilities.

You will conduct your presentations on Day 1 of the second quarter syllabus.


You will be assessed according to the following standards:

Organization                                        20%
Involvement of Audience                  20%
Clear Thesis                                         20%
Supporting Information                    20%
Pictures/Charts                                   20%