Hero Paragraph

Make a list of qualities that you feel are essential for a hero to embody, uphold or possess.  You may find, in your consideration, to recall individuals who you admire because of their heroic deeds.  After you have compiled your list find the three most important virtues that you value.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  Construct a paragraph that introduces your concept of what a hero is.  Your paragraph should also express the virtues that a true hero demonstrates as well as provide an example of a hero from literature or history who exemplifies those qualities that you admire in a hero.


Your final copy is to be written according to MLA standards.  These standards require that you have a heading located on the top left-hand corner of your paper: your name, the class, the assignment and the due date.

Your name
7/8 Black
Hero Introduction
Day 7

MLA standards also require you to double space, if computer printed.  To express an appropriate tile (centered) an extra space after your heading and then skip an additional space prior to writing your paragraph.  If your writing extends beyond a page in length, you are to write your last name followed by a dash and the page number in the upper right-hand corner for every page following the first page.  Further standards will follow with additional writing assignments.