Freshmen Academic English Final Exam

PART I            GRAMMAR                                                          30 POINTS

You will be required to know the basic rules of subject/verb agreement, clause and phrase, and sentence types emphasized in the grammar mastery program.  You will not be tested over parts of speech and punctuation that were featured on the mid-year exam.

You will be allowed to use a nine-by-eleven piece of paper with your grammar notes on one side only.  No other material related to the final exam will appear on these notes or
you shall receive a 0 for the exam.

PART II           LITERATURE                                               4o POINTS

You will be responsible for information related to Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar along with the two novels, The Lord of the Flies and Lion, that were assigned during the second semester.  The questions on the final will relate to Freytag’s Pyramid and the Literary Terms emphasized throughout instruction this year.



 PART III            ESSAY                                                                             30 POINTS

PART III  ESSAY You will be required to write a five-paragraph essay that deals with the literature of the literary section as applied to Aristotle’s understanding of rhetoricethos, pathos, logos