Arthur Miller & New England Puritan Society Web Search

1. Provide at least five interesting facts about Arthur Miller’s biography.
2. Define what McCarthyism and Red Scare are.  Explain how each was influential in Arthur Miller’s life.
3. After viewing the following links explain how Miller was influenced to write The Crucible and how his marriage to Marilyn Monroe influenced his life as well.
Arthur Miller interview about Marilyn Monroe
Arthur Miller interview about the McCarthy hearings

4. After reading the introduction to The Crucible (on this link) summarize Arthur Miller’s perspective about the three conflicts facing the Puritans in Salem: a.  personal indiscretion, b.  weakening ideology and c.  economic profiteering
5.  After reading the Puritan Way of Life discuss how their ideology shaped the fundamental values that the people of New England are recognized for today.  This link may be helpful as well:  A Young Puritan’s Code By Jonathan Edwards