A Story of America Cooperative Learning Design

You will be placed in one of the three groups relative to the contemporary American themes that we have read about.  Your group must cooperate in order to design a presentation that uses and emphasizes the Poetry and Other References made available to you on these links.  Your assessment of this phase of your presentation will be based on the effectiveness of your organized plan as well as the quality of your presentation based on the rhetorical approach that we have studied.




Environmental Destruction

The presentation is valued as an individual performance grade for each member of your group.

You have an additional responsibility in your group that requires you to compose an essay inspired by the research of your assigned theme. Your essay will be filmed as a  three-minute talk relative to your group’s topic.  The perspective that you take is entirely up to you provided that your approach is responsible and credible.  While the talk will be orchestrated with your group presentation, this aspect of your effort will be entirely individual.  You are also required to hand the essay into Turnitin.

A Breakdown of your Presentation:
1.  Use the Essays, Selected  Poetry, and Other References as the source of information for your presentation.  Your group will have to discuss what the rhetorical perspective of your presentation will entail and organize the presentation accordingly.
2.  Arrange any or all of the following:  pictures, videos, musical accompaniment to enhance the rhetorical element of your digital presentation.
3.  Film your individual talk and consider where in your presentation the talk will be most effectively displayed.
4.  Ensure that each member of your group comprehends the rhetorical scheme of your presentation.  Incorporating the rhetorical terms in your scheme will enhance your presentation as well as being helpful for preparing for your final exam.

Sample Student Presentation  Before viewing, consider that this presentation contains sensitive material.