LIFE OF PI Persuasive Essay


Freshmen Academic English
LIFE OF PI Persuasive Essay

A controversy is a disagreement on a contentious topic, strongly felt or expressed by all those concerned.  Consider the novel THE LIFE OF PI and list, if you will, controversies that appear to you related to the plot and/or theme.  The ultimate controversy that you arrive upon should have importance to you. Science and religion, survival versus morality and freedom offer opportunities to observe potential conflicts in the novel.

You will write a persuasive essay about a controversy that you observe from the novel due DAY 17 on the syllabus.  Class time has been set aside for working on the essay.  You are required to use evidence from the novel and you are encouraged to use additional evidence outside of the story which helps to defend the stance that you take in persuading your critical reader.

The introduction that you have written to this point may very well serve as your topic provided that you feel you can defend a strong observation that you have determined from the novel.

The persuasive essay is a performance assessment or  part of the thirty-percent category of assessment.  You must use MLA format in composing the final copy of your essay.  Indicate the page number of any passage that you use from the story as well as the citation information required by MLA for research and documentation.