Maquoit Bay: An Outdoor Classroom

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From “The Times Record”:

Brunswick High School students will have the opportunity to conduct marine research thanks to a University of Maine grant in the amount of $35,000.

The grant was part of the university’s Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, specifically the Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture Network.

With funds from the grant, students will be taking part in applied marine research and data collection on different shellfish species, invasive species such as green crabs, as well as other ecologically important marine species.

“This is an amazing opportunity for BHS students to get out in the field for some continuous and meaningful field studies,” McCullough said.

Wilson and McCullough said with continued changes in the ocean environment it will be all that more important to monitor and use young innovative minds to help resolve these complex ecological issues.

Wilson and McCullough recently spent time training at the Downeast Institute for Applied Research and Education on Beal’s Island.

McCullough credited BHS principal Shanna Crofton and superintendent Paul Perzanoski for their support in developing this learning opportunity.

“I am incredibly thankful to our teachers(Wilson and McCullough) for the initiative they took to research and write the grant proposal,” Crofton said. “The opportunities that the funds and resources that this grant will provide to our students are incredible. It will help to enhance our current curriculum by providing an array of hands on real-life learning opportunities that I am confident students will enjoy and welcome.”


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