At Brunswick High School, the students are able to take two different classes that expand their volunteerism throughout the community. These classes are Service Learning and Educational Leadership.


Recommended Prerequisite: None

1/2 – 1 credit

Service Learning provides an opportunity for students to use skills and knowledge in real-life situations through active participation in community based service activities which extend learning beyond the classroom and into the local community. This class examines the relationship between social, environmental, and economic issues in our community and our personal lives. We discuss our Capitalist system, root causes of poverty, and the importance of financial literacy. To help us better understand what poverty means, we will examine all United Way agencies. We will also examine the balance and relationship between capitalism and the environment. We will have many guest speakers and will take several field trips. The ability to be a self-starter and the ability to follow through with long range projects are both important characteristics for success in this class. Students must be willing to work in group situations and have the ability to work well with people of all ages.


Independent study

Recommended Prerequisite: 

  • Interest in teaching, or a very strong established interest, in mentoring young people.
  • Excellent attendance record
  • 80 or above GPA over the last two quarters. This cannot serve as the 21.5 credit for graduation – it must be above and beyond.

 Orange Day Periods 5/6

 ½ credit per semester Pass / Fail

 Educational Leadership Video

This is class that offers Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to develop leadership skills as well as gain insight into the world of education as a possible career field.  By offering this off campus (service learning based) experience in a professional setting, students will be exposed to many opportunities for personal growth, as well as give back to their local schools.  This will be a supervised practicum that will be monitored by Mr. Wilson and a recognized school partner. Based on their choice, students will help partnering schools and teachers promote literacy skills, assist with technology, assist in learning labs, study skills, math skills, physical education, mentoring arrangements, special education, specials (art & music etc) or other approved semester long school based project. This course will consist of two weeks of instruction that will cover expectations and an overview of the options, and requirements. A visual portfolio of their experience and an evaluation letter from their cooperating teacher are two key concluding components.

A bus has been arranged through the Brunswick School District to pick students up @10:50 in the front of BHS.  The school placement period will begin first orange day after February break.