Community Partner Message


The Community Service office receives many phone calls from community partners who are looking for volunteers and we are happy to help recruit. There are two ways a community partner can recruit volunteers at Brunswick High School. Please let Mr. Wilson know well in advance of your event.

Traditional Way: (Often The Least Effective)

If you are interested in recruiting high school volunteers, please follow the steps below:

Phone Number: 319-1910 ext-2203

  1. The community partner calls and requests a certain number of volunteers.
  2. We then compose a morning announcement that is run for a few days that announces to the student body what the event and need is.
  3. A sign-up list in the Community Service office will be available for student’s to sign up.

Be Brave, Come on in (Often The Most Effective)

Community Partners have found that recruiting volunteers in person can be very efficient under time constraints and can also place a face to their organization. The community partner can be their own best tool for recruiting. A community partner would be given a table/ booth at Brunswick High School during lunch 11-1 PM. Please contact Mr. Wilson in order to arrange this. BHS has an active Interact Community Service Club that meets weekly and welcomes community service partners who want to sare their opporunities for service. We meet each Monday directly after school.

Key questions that community partners should ask themselves;

  1. Do we know any Brunswick School District students between the grades of 8-12?
  2. Does BHS have all the key information they need? (Place, contact name, time, dress preference,  partners’ expectations, activity description, food available?)
  3. Are we able to recruit at BHS during lunch?
  4. Are we able to attend a BHS Interact Meeting?