Dear Students,

These are a few website links that many local employers use. In some cases there will be duplication but in many cases each site will offer different jobs so it is important to visit and (revisit) these. Most jobs that are listed are for adults or people with degrees but there are jobs for you sprinkled within. Feel free to visit me in room 203 (or email to inquire about fresh job opportunities that come across my desk.


Mr. Wilson



“Jobs to Careers”

Search by your zip code or Brunswick’s 04011

“Jobs in Maine”

Search by your zip code or Brunswick’s 04011

“The Times Record”

This will give you the local scene through the eyes of your local paper.


Click on “Jobs” link and search using “Brunswick, Maine” as your word combination

“Mid Coast Hospital”

Student Shellfish Harvesters

Here is the page that Town Clerk Fran Smith will put all info – there is link on the homepage, Marine Resources/Licensing and Town Clerk/Licensing

Fran Smith    Town Clerk

Beyond “Just a Job” Take Your First Step…to a livable wage and a more meaningful life.

Many people use “job” and “career” interchangeably. While it’s true that each involves working and a wage, a career goes well beyond a paycheck. It’s the teacher who lesson plans at 7 a.m. for 25 rowdy second graders. It’s the nurse who spends time with the disabled veteran on her ward 30 minutes after she’s clocked out. It’s the social worker who makes sure the kids in her care have a warm meal and clean clothes at Christmastime. A career is a commitment; a career is hard work; a career is your passion. Are you ready to find yours? This site is a great place to start thinking about the bigger picture.