Mesopotamia Links

Tour Oriental Institute
Take a tour of the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute Museum. 

Fall of Empires
An interesting site that compares the fall of empires in Mesopotamia, the Maya world, Mali & Songhai (Africa) and Chaco Canyon (American Southwest).

Michael Carlos Museum
Learn more about daily life, religion, art and much more at this site from Emory University’s art museum. Also contains information on Egypt and the Americas.

Hammurabi’s Code
Pretend that you are a judge in ancient Babylon. Apply the world’s first written law code to different situations.

Royal Tomb of Ur
Discover what was buried with this ruler. It’s pretty incredible!

Primary Sources
Would you like to read actual documents from Mesopotamia? This site contains many of them; fortunately they’re not in the original cuneiform.

Adventures in Mesopotamia
Your buddies at the British Museum have a series of adventures for you to undertake. 

Women in Mesopotamia
Even though it’s called history, women were really important. Find out the roles and contributions of women in Mesopotamia.

Build Your Own Sumerian City
Imagine that you are a great king of Sumer. How would your capital look? Visit this site to design your own Sumerian city.

Akbar’s Dilemma
Explore the role of religion in ancient Mesopotamia.

Mesopotamian Contributions 
This BBC site has many images of important contributions made by Mesopotamians.

Excavate an Archaeological Site
Lead your own excavation of a Mesopotamian village and curate your own museum exhibition of the artifacts you uncover.

Mesopotamian Religion
Learn about the story of Mesopotamian Gods at this University of Pennsylvania site.

Individual Mesopotamian Gods

Mesopotamian Timeline