Egypt Links

University of Manchester
Learn about the gods, do jigsaw puzzles, “visit” the pyramids at Giza, and discover how Egyptians wrote their numbers.

British Museum
Website for one of the world’s greatest museum. You will find information on mummification, pharaohs, temples, daily life, writing and other topics of interest)

Oriental Institute
The Oriental Institute has a special section just for students. Here you can peruse timelines of Egyptian history, prepare a virtual body for mummification and learn about art.

Michael Carlos Museum 
This museum at Emory University will allow you to explore death, writing, burial, daily life, writing and archaeology. It’s a highly interactive site; you’ll also find information on the ancient Near East, Greece, Rome, Africa and the Americas.

Royal Ontario Museum 
Write your name in hieroglyphics, investigate the lives of ancient Egyptians, make a mummy case or build a pyramid to the sun.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Travel back in time, watch videos created by students, learn about geography, mythology and many other topics. You can also click on particular time periods, geographic locations and big ideas to narrow down your search. 

Gods of Egypt
Who were the Egyptian gods and what did they do. Discover the answers at this site created for students by the University of Manchester. After you learn about the gods, there are activities and quizzes you can do. Ankh if you love Ra!

More Egyptian Gods
Learn about even more Egyptian gods including Nut, Geb, and Shu, the gods who make earth and sky possible. There is also an Egyptian creation story.

Egypt Timeline Events

Mummification Webquest 
Use this site to answer the questions for our Egyptian mummy webquest. Have fun and remember that mummification wasn’t a ghoulish process but a religious one. The preservation of the ba and ka were incredibly important.

Write in Hieroglyphics
Have you ever wanted to write your name out in hieroglyphs? Did you know that gods and important people put their names in cartouches? Visit this University of Pennsylvania Museum site to fulfill your dreams.