Most Valuable Powerful Ruler

This week and next, your child will be working on a short research project about different rulers of our five ancient civilizations. Students will work either in groups or individually to research a particular leader. Once they have read at least three articles about their monarch, they will create campaign materials (examples include posters, videos, interviews, glogsters, campaign ads) in order to persuade their classmates to vote for their particular ruler as “The Most Valuable” one in antiquity. The objectives for this project are for students to gain skills in conducting proper research, using persuasive speech or writing, speaking and listening well, and using rhetorical techniques to persuade others.

Below you will find a copy of the rubric for this project. 

PS 1a, b, c & d (research)
PS 5c (historical themes)
Most Valuable Powerful Leader


Exceeds the Standard Meets the Standard Working Towards the Standard Does Not Yet Meet Standard
Research Research Research Research
–uses four or more sources –uses three sources –uses two sources –uses one source
Superior notetaking

–bullet notes


–makes links between sources

–Notes differences between sources

–only quotes most when paraphrasing won’t work

Accurate Notetaking

–bullet notes


–key words and phrases

–uses quotation marks when directly citing important text

Takes notes

–some bullet text (phrases and key words)

–some full sentences

–some direct copying from text without quotation marks

–some factual errors

Insufficient notes

–copies straight from readings

–full sentences

–factual errors

Work Habits Work Habits Work Habits Work Habits
–Break tasks into parts for each person and all are working

–seamless collaboration and work

–everyone’s opinion is respected and sought

–all disputes solved collaboratively and politely

–everyone remains highly focused and works hard

–everyone has a part and does it

–everyone cooperates

–everyone has a say

–solve disagreements

–everyone works well and avoids fooling around

–some members have jobs and work

–group has difficulty cooperating

–all opinions aren’t valued

–some disagreements require adult intervention

–some members lose focus on project

–work done by one or two people

–little cooperation between group members

–little discussion about project and roles

–adult support required to remain focused and to solve disagreements

–most of group isn’t on-task


Project Project Project Project
–explains why this person is an MVP using four or more different rhetorical devices (e.g. hyperbole, allusion, analogy, anaphora, paradox, symbolism, alliteration, etc.)

–format is original and creative

–went well beyond just giving information by making connections between social structure and ruler’s actions and finding relevance of this leader’s accomplishments to our modern lives

–everyone is fully involved in preparing presentation and seeks additional roles


–uses at least two rhetorical devices to explain why the ruler is an MVP

–provides information in an engaging and educational way

–explains how ruler’s actions helps us understand this ancient civilization and its values

–everyone helps create presentation

–uses a rhetorical device to show why ruler is important

–format is an organized and adequate way to teach classmates about the ruler

–tells about the leader’s accomplishment

–most group members involved in developing presentation

–explains ruler’s significance without use of rhetorical devices

–presents information in an uninspired, disorganized manner

–fails to present a persuasive explanation about why ruler is an MVP

–unequal involvement in preparation of presentation.

Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation
–engaged audience by using, clear voice along with questions and other interactive techniques

–spoke clearly and passionately

–full and equal participation by all group members

–incorporate appropriate and sophisticated humor into presentation

–kept people’s attention by speaking with clarity and liveliness

–everyone participated in presentation

–used appropriate humor

–presented information to class without enthusiasm and with some disorganization

–unequal role for members in presentation

–used some humor, though at times in silly ways

–shared information in a largely disorganized and disinterested way

–one person dominated presentation

–integrated very little humor or used it in a distracting manner





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Mesopotamia Paragraphs

Mesopotamia Paragraphs

Here are a couple of examples of well-organized, detailed paragraphs about why people were attracted to Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago.

People need food, water and shelter to survive. Mesopotamia has all of these things.The word Mesopotamia is Greek for “between the rivers,” suggesting there would be an ample supply of fresh water [for drinking, irrigation, and watering animals]. The soil in between the rivers was fertile and good for growing crops, providing at least one source of food. The mountains near Mesopotamia could have provided wood, metal and stone used for shelter, furniture, boats, tools, weapons and many other things. Most of these things are necessary, and those that aren’t make life easier. All of these things would have compelled   people to settle in Mesopotamia.

Mesopotamia was a place where many people settled for many reasons. Mesopotamia had lots of different resources, and those resources affected the ways that people lived. There are lots of different land formations in Mesopotamia, such as mountains, rivers, plains and marshy areas. The mountains provided metal and stone. The rivers provided water, and soon cities developed along those rivers. There were forests for timber. These are all reasons why people would want to settle in Mesopotamia. Thanks to all of the different resources, Mesopotamia became a thriving country.  

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Welcome to Sixth Grade Social Studies

Congratulations! You have found my website. Please check here on a regular basis for important information about what we’re doing in Social Studies. Each day students need to come with their materials including a pencil.

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