Mesopotamia Paragraphs

Mesopotamia Paragraphs

Here are a couple of examples of well-organized, detailed paragraphs about why people were attracted to Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago.

People need food, water and shelter to survive. Mesopotamia has all of these things.The word Mesopotamia is Greek for “between the rivers,” suggesting there would be an ample supply of fresh water [for drinking, irrigation, and watering animals]. The soil in between the rivers was fertile and good for growing crops, providing at least one source of food. The mountains near Mesopotamia could have provided wood, metal and stone used for shelter, furniture, boats, tools, weapons and many other things. Most of these things are necessary, and those that aren’t make life easier. All of these things would have compelled   people to settle in Mesopotamia.

Mesopotamia was a place where many people settled for many reasons. Mesopotamia had lots of different resources, and those resources affected the ways that people lived. There are lots of different land formations in Mesopotamia, such as mountains, rivers, plains and marshy areas. The mountains provided metal and stone. The rivers provided water, and soon cities developed along those rivers. There were forests for timber. These are all reasons why people would want to settle in Mesopotamia. Thanks to all of the different resources, Mesopotamia became a thriving country.  

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