Geography Links

Pizza Delivery
Practice your latitude and longitude skills by delivering pizzas around the world. Each time you successfully deliver a pizza, you earn the flag of the country to which you’ve delivered the pizza

Treasure Hunt
Using your knowledge of latitude and longitude, find the location of the hidden treasure.

Latitude and Longitude of States
Can you find the correct absolute location of various U.S. cities? This is a great chance to apply your knowledge of latitude and longitude.

Pesky Lines of Lat and Lon
Can you decipher those confusing arcing lines of longitude and those straightforward lines of latitude to find the absolute location of different places in the world. It will also ask you to identify continents and oceans.

Name the continents and oceans
Practice identifying continents and oceans with this entertaining game. There are three different levels you can play; select the one that’s right for you at this moment.

Mr. Nussbaum’s Continent and Ocean Fun  
Another site on which you can practice naming continents and oceans.

Identify the Continent and Ocean
One more game to practice the continents and oceans. Complete this one and you’ll be ready for the school’s geography bee.