Aztec, Inca and Maya Sites

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Yes, it’s our fine feathered friends once again at Ducksters. This time they are providing lots of information about Aztec daily life, technology, daily life, government, etc.

Minnesota Museum of Science
Visit Mayan cities from the comfort of your own chair. Learn about each city’s archaeological remains with great pictures. Perfect for research projects.

Mesoamerican Ball Game
At this site you can learn about Mesoamerican culture and play this fascinating game as if you live were alive a thousand years ago.

Why Do Empires Fall?
Why do powerful empires fall. Explore this question on this site from Annenberg Learner. 

Farm Like an Inca (Smithsonian Magazine)
Learn all about how the Inca manipulated their environment in order to maximize their agricultural production. 

Rise of the Inca
Article and video from NOVA about the incredible growth of the Inca Empire.

Machu Picchu
Learn about the engineering skills used by the Inca to build this cloud city/sanctuary. There is also a video from NOVA.

Ghosts of Machu Picchu
This thirteen minute video will take you on an incredible tour of this Inca city.

A long article on this Aztec city and what life was like in it.

Visit Uxmal  You will arrive at a map of this ancient Maya city. Click on the green arrows to see pictures of that particular place.