Faculty and Staff

Walter Wallace: Principal – wwallace@brunswick.k12.me.us
Amanda (Mandy) Lewis: Assistant Principal – mlewis@brunswick.k12.me.us

Athletic Director
James St. Pierre – jstpierre@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. E. Granholm: Administrative Secretary – egranholm@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. A. Duffy: Main Office Secretary – aduffy@brunswick.k12.me.us
Beth Cherry  Counseling Department Secretary – bcherry@brunswick.k12.me.us


Bailey Island
Mrs. B. Brescia – Website Social Studies –bbrescia@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Mrs. M. Lord Foreign Language – mlord@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. J. Hebert Math – jhebert@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Mrs. A. Morin L.A. RtI – amorin@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mr. J. Higgins Science – jhiggins@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Mrs. S. Chittum SPED – schittum@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. K. Wrede L.A.- kwrede@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Mrs. S. Prophett SPED – sprophett@brunswick.k12.me.us

Birch Island – Website
Ms. C. Capobianco Science – ccapobianco@brunswick.k12.me.us  
Mr. P. Stevens GTI – pstevens@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. K. Dorr Math – kdorr@brunswick.k12.me.us  
Mrs. K. McCarthy Art – kmccarthy@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. C. Sullivan L. A. (Department Head) – csullivan1@brunswick.k12.me.us  
Mrs. R. Demars SPED – rdemars@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mr. A. Kosak Social Studies – Website  – akosak@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. T. Lera Foreign Language – tlera@brunswick.k12.me.us

Jewell Island
Mrs. P. Acheson L.A. – pacheson@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Mr. C. McNamara Alt Ed – cmcnamara@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. C. Reynolds Math – creynolds@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Mrs. L. Hench L.A. RtI – lhench@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. S. Lamdin Science – slamdin@brunswick.k12.me.us  
Mrs. S. Tarleton Music (Department Head) – starleton@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. C. Shaw Social Studies – cshaw@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Ms. C. Bucknam Art – cbucknam@brunswick.k12.me.us

Great Diamond Island
Mr. J. Seheult – L.A. – jseheult@brunswick.k12.me.us

Ms. M. Russo – Website  Math – mrusso@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Mrs. R. Costa Health – rcosta@brunswick.k12.me.us

Ms. T. Dionne Science – tdionne@brunswick.k12.me.us  
Mr. D. Boomhour PE – dboomhour@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mr. R. Weafer Social Studies – rweafer@brunswick.k12.me.us  
Mrs. S. Sharpe Math RtI – ssharpe@brunswick.k12.me.us

Eagle Island
Ms. D. LeBlanc L.A. – dleblanc@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Mrs. C. Lavigne Behavior RtI (Department Head Social Studies) – clavigne@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. S. Weddle Math (Department Head) – sweddle@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Mrs. B. Mitchell (Department Head) – bmitchell@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. J. Cullen Library – jcullen@brunswick.k12.me.us

Karin Paquin – Science – kpaquin@brunswick.k12.me.us
Ms. H. Anderson Music – handerson@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. F. Beede Social Studies – handerson@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Ms. C. Cavallari SPED – ccavallari@brunswick.k12.me.us

Chebeague Island
Heather Pratt Lowe  L.A. – hprattlowe@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. T. Smith L.A. RtI – tsmith@brunswick.k12.me.us

Ms. J. Swan Math – jswan@brunswick.k12.me.us  
Mrs. B. York Math RtI – Mrs. York’s Website – byork@brunswick.k12.me.us

Ms. S. Ring Science (Department Head) Website – sring@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. J. Iuzzolino PE – jiuzzolino@brunswick.k12.me.us

Ms. S. Blake Social Studies – sblake@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Ms. S. Bingham Health – sbingham@brunswick.k12.me.us

Diversified Studies (DST)
Ms. H. Anderson Music/Band – Website  – handerson@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. S. Tarleton Music/Chorus – Website – starleton@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mr. D. Boomhour P.E. – dboomhour@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. J. Iuzzolino P.E. – jiuzzolino@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. R. Costa Health & Consumer Science – rcosta@brunswick.k12.me.us
Ms. S. Bingham Health & Consumer Science – sbingham@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. T. Lera Foreign Language – tlera@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. M. Lord Foreign Language Website – mlord@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. K. McCarthy Art – mlord@brunswick.k12.me.us
Ms. C. Bucknam Art – cbucknam@brunswick.k12.me.us

Language Arts RtI
Mrs. L. Hench – lhench@brunswick.k12.me.us

Ms. A. Morin  – amorin@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. T. Smith – tsmith@brunswick.k12.me.us

Behavior RtI
Mrs. C. Lavigne – clavigne@brunswick.k12.me.us

Math RtI
Mrs. S. Sharpe – ssharpe@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. R. Belanger – rbelanger@brunswick.k12.me.us 
Mrs. B. York – Website – byork@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. C. Nein – Guidance Counselor – Merrymeeting – cnein@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. A. Roy – Guidance Counselor – Maquoit – aroy@brunswick.k12.me.us

Professional Services
Mrs. B. Mitchell – Librarian – bmitchell@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. J. Cullen – Library Assistant – jcullen@brunswick.k12.me.us
Suzanne Gardiner – School Psychologist – sgardiner@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mr. P. Stevens – G&T Services – pstevens@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. C. D’Amour – Social Worker/Athletic Director – cdamour@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mr. C. McNamara – Alternative Ed. Teacher – cmcnamara@brunswick.k12.me.us
Det. T. Stanton – School Resource Officer – tstanton@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. H. Tetu – Nurse – htetu@brunswick.k12.me.us

Special Services
Mr. J. Furrow – Functional Life Skills – jfurrow@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. C. Cavallari  – Non-Categorical Sp. Ed. – ccavallari@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. S. Chittum – Non-Categorical Sp. Ed. – schittum@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. R. DeMars – Special Education – rdemars@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. C DeRan – Special Education – cderan@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. M. Madden – Speech/Language Pathologist & Special Ed – mmadden@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. S. Prophett- Special Education – sprophett@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. A. Sanfasin – Special Education – asanfasin@brunswick.k12.me.us

Education Technicians
Mrs. M. Atwood – matwood@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. E. Desmond – edesmond@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. T. Bigelow – tbigelow@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. H. Gannon – hgannon@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. C. Gilmour – cgilmour@brunswick.k12.me.us
Ms. M. Herrick – mherrick@brunswick.k12.me.us

Ms. S. Cope – scope@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. K. Rider – mrider@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mrs. N. Wigandt – nwigandt@brunswick.k12.me.us

Computer Services
Mr. J. Cross – Laptop Coordinator – jcross@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mr. D. Dearing – Technology Integrator – ddearing@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mr. J. Wescott – Technology Support Specialist – jwescott@brunswick.k12.me.us

Husky Café
Mr. S. Smith Director of Nutrition – ssmith2@brunswick.k12.me.us
Mrs. B. Austin – baustin@brunswick.k12.me.us

Mr. M. Beaudoin
Mr. T. Campbell
Kari Spaulding
Ms. J. Puglisi  – Head Custodian – jpuglisi@brunswick.k12.me.us
Jason Paquin – Evening Crew Leader – jpaquin@brunswick.k12.me.us