Faculty and Staff

Walter Wallace: Principal
Lisa M. Cushman: Assistant Principal

Athletic Director
Mrs. D’Amour

Mrs. Granholm Administrative Secretary

Mrs. Duffy Main Office Secretary
Mrs. Gustafson  Counseling Dept/Special Ed Secretary


Bailey Island
Mrs. Brescia – Website Social Studies and and Mrs. Lord Foreign Language
Mrs. Hebert Math and Mrs. Morin L.A. RtI
Mr. Higgins Science and Mrs. Chittum SPED
Mrs. Wrede L.A. and Mrs. Prophett SPED

Birch Island – Website
Ms. Capobianco Science and Mr. Stevens GTI
Mrs. Dorr Math and Mrs. McCarthy Art
Mrs. Sullivan L. A. and Mrs. Demars, SPED
Mr. Kosak Social Studies – Website and Mrs. Lera Foreign Language

Jewell Island
Mrs. Acheson L.A. (Department Head) and Mr. McNamara Alt Ed
Mrs. Reynolds Math and Mrs. Arzate L.A. RtI
Mrs. Lamdin Science and Mrs. Tarleton Music (Department Head)
Mrs. Shaw Social Studies and Ms. Bucknam – Website Art

Great Diamond Island
Mr. Hardy L.A. and  Ms. Cloutier SPED
Ms. RussoWebsite  Math and Mrs. Costa Health
Ms. Dionne Science and Mr. Boomhour PE
Mr. Weafer Social Studies and Mrs. Sharpe Math RtI

Eagle Island
Ms. LeBlanc L.A. and Mrs. Willette L.A. RtI (Department Head) – Website
Mrs. Weddle Math (Department Head) and Mrs. Mitchell (Department Head)/Mrs. Cullen Library
Mrs. Hench Science and Ms Anderson Music
Mrs. Beede Social Studies – Website and Ms.Cavallari SPED 

Chebeague Island
Mrs. Lavigne  L.A. and Mrs. Smith L.A. RtI
Ms. Swan Math and Mrs. York Math RtI
Ms. Ring Science (Department Head) and Mrs. Iuzzolino PE
Ms. Blake Social Studies and Ms. Bingham Health 

Diversified Studies (DST)
Ms Anderson Music/Band
Mrs. Tarleton Music/Chorus
Mr. Boomhour P.E.
Mrs. Iuzzolino P.E.
Mrs. Costa Health & Consumer Science
Ms. Bingham Health & Consumer Science
Mrs. Lera Foreign Language
Mrs. Lord Foreign Language Website
Mrs. Kari McCarthy Art
Ms. Bucknam Art

Language Arts RtI
Mrs. Arzate 
Ms. Morin  
Mrs. T. Smith 
Mrs. Willette 

Math RtI
Mrs. Sharpe
Mrs. Belanger 
Mrs. York  Website

Mrs. Nein Guidance Counselor – Merrymeeting
Mrs. Roy Guidance Counselor – Maquoit

Professional Services
Mrs. Mitchell – Librarian
Mrs. Cullen – Library Assistant
Ms. Gray – School Psychologist
Mr. Stevens – G&T Services
Mrs. D’Amour – Social Worker – BJHS
Mr. McNamara – Alternative Ed. Teacher
Det. Stanton – School Resource Officer
Mrs. Tetu – Nurse

Special Services
Mrs. Cavallari  – Non-Categorical Sp. Ed.
Mrs. Chittum – Non-Categorical Sp. Ed.
Mrs. Bogle – Functional Life Skills
Mrs. Madden – Speech/Language Pathologist & Special Ed
Mrs. Sanfasin – Special Education
Ms. Cloutier – Special Education
Mrs. Prophett– Special Education
Mrs. DeMars – Special Education

Education Technicians
Mrs. Atwood
Mrs. Desmond 
Mrs. Bigelow 
Mrs. Gannon 
Mrs. Gilmour
Ms. Herrick
Mr. Levesque 
Ms. Cope 
Mr. Curtis
Mrs. Rider 
Mrs. Wigandt 

Computer Services
Mr. Cross – Laptop Coordinator
Mr. Dearing Technology Integrator

Husky Café
Mr. Smith Director of Nutrition
Mrs. Laskey
Mrs. Austin

Mr. Beaudoin
Mr. Campbell
Mr. Gilchrist
Ms. Puglisi
Mr. Wilkins