Last Newsletter and Unsubscription

Dear Birch families,

We now need to say thank you for your support this year, goodbye, and wish you the happiest summer. 

Please find our last newsletter here. Follow this to unsubscribe from this blog. 

It has been a pleasure,


Birch Island Teachers 2017-18

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Reminder for Math Trail tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day for the Math Trail!  Please remind your child to bring either money to buy lunch downtown, or a bag lunch from home to eat during our picnic lunch.  Also, it’s a great idea to lather your child up with sunscreen before leaving home in the morning.  We ordered up a perfect day with bright sun!  Chaperones please arrive to room 306 at 9:20 so we can discuss the details about the day.  We are looking forward to another successful Math Trail trip.

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June 8th Newsletter

Our latest Newsletter  June 8  is now available.

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Looking for Volunteers: Field Day 6/22

We’re Having a FIELD DAY and YOU are INVITED! 

To celebrate the end of a GREAT school year, we’d love to throw a Field Day for all of our hard working students. We’re going to need a lot of help from family and community members to make this day a success! 

Date: Friday, June 22nd 

Time: 8:15am – 11:35am EDT
Location: Brunswick Junior High Fields
Are you available to come help? 
Please sign up here:

Thanks and we’ll see you on the field! 

The Brunswick Junior High School Student Council. 

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Latest Newsletter

Please enjoy our latest newsletter May 25. We hope to see you at some of the fun activities coming up!

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May 4th Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is now available May 4

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Can you help?

Calling all chaperones!  We need YOU for the annual downtown Math Trail trip coming up on June 15th.  Any parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, older sibling, other relatives, or adult family friend that would like to chaperone a student group are welcome.  The kids do all the math thinking, you just need to keep up with them from store to store to ensure they are safe and on track.  What’s the Math Trail you ask?  We start at BJHS and walk in small groups to visit downtown Brunswick businesses over the course of the day.  Local stores are gracious enough to allow all 6th graders a chance to solve some real-world math problems related to the place of business.  It’s a great day to incorporate the skills they have learned.  Forms went home today with your child.  All students must return the permission slip signed by a parent.  Those interested in chaperoning will need to complete the rest of the paperwork.  Have your child return the forms to school and you’ll receive additional information, as the date gets closer, if you are a chaperone.  If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Dorr.  Thanks for your help.  Let the fun begin!

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News from Science class


Dear Birch Island Families,

Spring is here and the annual sixth grade science exhibit is coming up! We are spending the next few weeks discussing scientific practices and will be conducting simple experiments to investigate these practices. Students will be posting “burning questions” in our classroom to inspire great ideas for their own scientific investigations.

            Each student is expected to conduct an experiment or a study at home, although many of the components of the project will be started in school. While we appreciate parent involvement and guidance, the responsibility is on that of the student, in order to ensure they are challenging themselves.

            Specific steps and guidelines will be delivered and posted on the Birch Island Website after the April break and as we get closer to the exhibition date. The exhibit is scheduled for Friday, June 1st from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the BJHS cafeteria. I have included a list of possible burning questions to investigate / topic ideas as well as deadlines for the project. Thank you for your guidance and support in this activity! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Christine Capobianco

Ms. Cap

6th Grade Science, Birch Island


Activity Due Date
Title, Question, Hypothesis

Parent Signature

May 3rd, Thursday
Prediction May 4th, Friday
Design Experiment

   (list of materials, procedures, variables)

May 10th, Thursday
Data from Conducted Experiment May 17th, Thursday
Graph, Chart, data collection May 22nd, Tuesday

Discussion of results and answering all 3 reflection questions in paragraph form.

May 24th, Thursday
Final Project to School for Presentations May 28th, Monday


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Today’s Newsletter

Our latest newsletter March 30th is now available.

Happy weekend.

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March 23rd Update

Dear Birch families,

We hope this finds you well. With snow storms, 1/2 days and other happenings, we have been deep into MEA preparation. Students will start Monday afternoon and will alternate morning/afternoon until April 2nd. Each session will take 2 periods and most other classes will continue as usual.

What can do you to help your test-taker? A simple good night sleep and a nutritious breakfast will go a long way. Some gum and a snack will help with anxiety. They can do this!

Quick update from L/A:

Our archaeologists were deep into their dig with the Ancient Civilization Research Project. Students uncovered pages of facts and skillfully crafted engaging paragraphs to share their knowledge at our upcoming Archaeology Fair.

This week, alternating with MEA testing, our LA classes are going to practice their DEBATE skills  — making a claim, supporting it with reasons, evidence, and a counterclaim, as well as  preparing a rebuttal. My students have strong opinions, so this should be fun!

Happy weekend.

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