Our class will use Raz-Kids and IXL to practice literacy and math skills. Each child will have an account that they will use and that they can access from any computer. I encourage you to have your child use these resources regularly at home to enhance their reading and math skills.


Click here to enter IXL!

Students can use this website to practice their math skills.

Your child’s username will be their first intial and last name. (ex. msciacca)

Their password will be their initials. (ex. ms)

On occasion we have students with the same first initial and last name; if this happens the next letter of the child’s name will be added to the username. (ex. mesciacca)




Click here to enter Raz-Kids!

I will customize your child’s account to match their current reading level. This is a great way to access books that are “just right” for your child.

Your child will need to click on their name and then enter their password, which will be their initials.

If you are prompted to enter the teacher name, please enter “msciacca0”┬áto access our classroom.