Class Policies


  • Science is FUN, so let’s have fun in a RESPECTFUL way- RESPECT to SELF, to OTHERS, and to PROPERTY.
  • Come to class prepared with your Assignment Notebook, your PENCILS, and your Positive Attitude.
  • Try your Best and challenge yourself!


35%  Classwork
35%  Labs and Projects
20%  Tests and Assessments
10%  Quizzes

Grades are posted in FamilyLink, which provides real time data- as soon as I add a student’s grade to my electronic gradebook, the change will show up online.

Blank spots and Zeros on the posted grade reports in FamilLink indicate assignments NOT turned in and becomes the RESPONSIBILITY of the STUDENT to:
1. Complete the missing/incomplete assignment and

P.S.  If you think you did the assignment, check the “No Name Box,”  maybe you forgot to put your name on it!


Is not often given in Science.  Although work that is not completed in class that is due at the end of the class period will be allowed to be brought home and completed- and turned in the next day at the start of class.  Students are responsible to write down the Day’s Agenda and the Homework in their Assignment Notebooks (ANBs).  If no homework is assigned, students will write NO HW in their ANB.  THE WEEK’S WORK section of this website is a great place to see what we are doing and what is assigned week to week.


The work (and homework) we do contributes to our learning and understanding of the 6th grade concepts and curriculum as adopted by Brunswick Junior High School and the School Board.  Therefore, the work we do is important and is expected to be completed in class, during Study Hall, or if need be, at home.  Due dates will always be given for assignments and will be posted in class on the “What’s Up?” board and in the DUE DATES section of this website.  Work that is not turned in on time will automatically lose a maximum of 10 points regardless of the number of days late.


  1. Check this website, specifically, THE WEEK’S WORK section when you are absent- it will let you know what we are working on and you can download copies of work. 
  2. When you return to school, look at the “What’s Up?” board and write down in your ANB, what you have missed in Science for the day(s) you have been out.
  3. Check out the “While You Were Out” box for hard copies of work, and lastly,
  4. Check in with the week’s Assistant Coach (a student in your Science class, assigned for the week as the Assistant Coach) to see what you have missed.