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Fraction Flip It

Fraction Flip It card game: Deck of playing cards, Fraction Flip It game sheet for each player, paper and pencil for each player, directions From: Learn with Math 

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Would you rather…

Why did you choose that option and would everyone in your family choose the same option? From

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What are the coins?

What you’ll need: Some coins  Ask the following questions: I have three coins in my pocket. They are worth 7 cents. What do I have? (a nickel and 2 pennies) I have three coins in my pocket. They are worth … Continue reading

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Totaling Ten

Play this math card game alone or as a team. Lay out 20 cards on the table (leave out face cards or change them to equal 0, while aces equal 1). Take turns removing sets of cards that add up … Continue reading

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  Above are shown three coins, each with one gold side and one silver side. Is it possible to successively flip over pairs of adjacent coins so that all 3 coins are gold side up?  Daily puzzlers on  

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Multiplication Fact Toss

Materials:10 paper/plastic cups, 2 items to toss (ping pong balls, bouncy balls, coins, etc.) Write a number 1 – 10 at the bottom of each cup.  One number for each cup and only use a number once.  Set up the … Continue reading

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