World Languages

Department Goal:

The goal of the Brunswick Junior High School World Language program is to introduce students to the language and cultures of the French and Spanish-speaking world. We start in sixth grade with an exploratory program as a way to get students interested in language learning and to expose them to the global community. In seventh and eighth grades, students may choose to further their study of either or both languages. Emphasis is placed on the development of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in the target language. Beyond the development of basic communicative competence, the curriculum will challenge a student’s potential and encourage individual excellence. Using a balanced approach to instruction, emphasis will be on process as well as product. Students will practice language skills daily and receive feedback, providing the literacy tools for lifelong learning.

 Program Description: 

 World Language in grade 6 consists of  2 classes in a 4-day rotation for one semester. This class serves as an introduction to both French and Spanish. The class is exploratory in nature and is required of all 6th grade students.


World Language in grades 7 and 8 is an elective course and meets every other day for a full year. Students may opt to take French, Spanish, or both, provided their schedule allows.  Upon successful completion of grade 7 and 8 World Language, students may be able to participate in French II, French II Honors, Spanish II, or Spanish II Honors as a freshman.


Brunswick School Department World Languages Curriculum