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Laptop Rules, Regulations, and Consequences

Official Brunswick School District technology policies are available here.

Policies were written to be relatively easy to understand and make sense to most adults. These have been in place for years and are still relevant. Over the past few years paraphrased versions have been created to be more understandable to students. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the originals.

The policy below is received by parents and guardians upon enrolling students in the junior high.

IJNDB-R…Regulations for Student Computer and Internet Use…4/12/00….4 pages

Three policies and the form below are included in the “Home Permission packet”.

IJNDBA-E…Student Laptop Computer Home Use Permission Form…9/20041 page

Form signed by parent or guardian to grant permission to take their school computer home.

IJNDBA…Laptop Computer Use…10/9/02…1 page

Board policy regarding home permission.

IJNDBA-R…Laptop Computer Use-Regulations…10/9/02…3 pages

Board policy regarding student computer use at school and at home.

IJNDB…Student Computer and Internet Use and On-Line Safety…8/8/12…1 page

Board policy regarding student internet use.

The MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) MacBook Airs, chargers, and carrying cases are the property of the State of Maine, registered to Brunswick Junior High and issued to each seventh and eighth grade student. The laptop must be returned at the end of the school year or if the student transfers out of the Brunswick School District.

A laptop for each student is a privilege, not a right.  The privilege can be revoked.

Equipment Care:

  • Laptops can go home with students only AFTER a parent/guardian attends an orientation session and signs a release form.
  • Laptops and chargers should be in the student’s possession or placed in a secure location at all times. Unattended laptops will be confiscated. During lunch time, students are NOT to put laptops in the hall cubbies. They can place the laptops on the cafeteria stage.
  • When not in use, laptops and power cords should be in their protective cases.  A plain piece of paper closed inside the laptop will prevent keyboard oils and dirt from affecting the screen. No food or drinks near the laptops!
  • No stickers or marks of any kind are permitted on the laptop or case.
  • Laptops must be in their zipped cases when moving throughout the school.
  • Laptops and cases may NOT be put inside backpacks.
  • If the laptop is stolen, it should be reported to the police and Brunswick Junior High personnel immediately (with a police report).
  • Students are responsible for the replacement cost of the charging unit if it is lost or damaged. The replacement cost is $72.
  • Students are responsible for any costs resulting from loss or damage caused by intentional or negligent behavior.

Daily Use:

  • Students may not loan their laptop to anyone or share their password.
  • Any inappropriate use or neglectful care of the computer will result in fewer laptop privileges.
  • Students are responsible for information sent/received on their laptop. There is no right to privacy and Brunswick School Department personnel perform regular checks.
  • Games must be teacher approved. Absolutely NO instant messaging! Music should not be downloaded from the Internet except when temporarily downloaded for a class. Explicit music is never allowed.
  • Students may not download programs, or view/store pornographic, violent or otherwise unacceptable material. If a student accidentally accesses an inappropriate site, he/she must report the incident to a teacher immediately.
  • Students who delete Internet history will have the same consequence for those who visit inappropriate sites.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible to ensure that their children use their laptops appropriately.
  • While using the Internet, students should not reveal personal information including full name, phone number, address, etc.
  • “Hacking” into any computer network is strictly forbidden.
  • Students are responsible for obeying all copyright laws and for properly citing sources.
  • Students should not record anyone without their permission.
  • Laptops should be charged every night. At the end of the day, laptops should be shut down.
  • Laptops are not to be used on the bus or in the gymnasium. These locations are potentially unsafe for this equipment.
  • During study halls, students must have permission of the study hall teacher to use the laptops. No games are allowed during study hall.

Consequences are as follows, but not limited to:

1st offense: Written/verbal warning
2nd offense: One week probation/restriction
3rd offense: One month probation/restriction

When any student reaches a point where probation or restriction will occur, the student will be given a Parent Information Form stating the specific offense and penalty. This form shall be taken home for the parents to sign and then returned to school.

Privileges will not be restored to a student until the signed parent information form has been returned.

Additional disciplinary action may be pursued which may include disabling of applications or complete loss of laptop.