Student Clubs and Activities

Clubs Teacher Day/ Time Where Grades allowed to Participate About The Club
Python coding Ms Dionne Tuesdays October-November walker bell to 3:45 105 ALL Learn to code with Python!
Science club Ms Dionne Winter, exact dates to be determined 105 ALL Explore science and engineering ideas while doing cool projects and experimenting.
Advanced Choir Mrs. Tarleton Tues and Fri all year Chorus room 6-8 students who are in chorus We work on advanced choral literature.
Music Theatre Mrs Tarleton As Scheduled As Scheduled ALL We are performing “Music Man, Jr.” this year in January.
Jazz Choir Mrs. Tarleton Tuesday after school Oct. – March Chorus Room Auditioned 6-8 We will explore, learn about and perform vocal jazz
Acapella Mrs. Tarleton, Ms. Gillis As Scheduled As Scheduled ALL We will explore, learn about and perform acapella music.
8th Grade Math Team Mrs. Weddle Wednesday mornings 7:10-7:40am; Oct-early May Room 202 8th Graders We practice to compete in the Southern Maine Math League and Central Maine Math League competitions.
Math Counts Mrs. Weddle Friday afternoons 2:45-3:30pm: starting after Fall sports are completed and ends in mid-March Room 202 ALL Challenging problem solving practices to prepare for the Regional Math Counts competition at the end of February. Students who qualify will continue to the State Final Competition in March.
Girls Who Code TBD Thursday afternoons 2:40-3:40pm; Starting after Fall Sports are completed and ends in early April TBD All Girls Learn to code with Scratch and/or Python. Students use their skills to create projects to benefit the community. This club is part of the National Girls Who Code organization.
Q+A Club Ms. Bucknam Mrs. LeBlanc Mrs. Lowe Mr. McNamara Friday afternoon, ’til 3:30; entire school year Room 403 all A GSTA (gay-straight-transgender-alliance). A safe space to talk with friends, play games, make crafts, and organize activities to unite LGBTQ+ and allied students.
Robotics Mr. McNamara Mrs. Reynolds Mondays and Thursdays ’til 3:30; ~November through March (competition team continues through May) Room 403 all Build and program with LEGO EV3 robotics. Students are given a variety of challenges to teach and test their design skills. Both experienced programmers and students interested in learning the basics are welcome.
Yearbook Mrs. Hench Tuesdays afternoons 2:45-3:30 starting October 1 Room 203 all Creative and active group that helps to design and sell the yearbook.
Art Club Ms Bucknam Mrs. McCarthy Tuesday and Thursdays 2:45-4 January -April Break Art Rooms all Free Choice, Open Studio Art Time! Students have access to a variety of art supples to create art of their choosing. Fun guaranteed!
6th Gr Math Team Mrs. Hebert Wednesday mornings 7:10-7:40am; Oct-early May Room 304 6th graders We practice to compete in the Southern Maine Math League.
Garden Club Mrs. Paquin Monday afternoon 2:45-3:45 Front and Back Garden ALL Learn to care, manage, and plan a garden. Learn to prepare a garden for winter and how to trim bushes and fruit trees. Learn the different needs of different types of plants. Learn to grow your own vegetable and fruits and when is a good time to harvest them. Learn about applying hibernation oil to fruit trees.
Creative Writing Club Ms. LeBlanc January through June. Mondays, 2:45-3:30pm Room 204 All Creative Writing Club meets weekly, starting in the new year, to write, share, and play writing games. In the spring we edit and produce a REAL BOOK of student writing and artwork.
Student Council Mrs. Reynolds October 3 – June 4 Room 104 All Join Student Council we meet twice a month, on the first and thrid Thursday of the month. You can commit to participate for one quarter or more.. You will develop leadership skills, assist in school affairs and activities, and get involved in community projects. All students are welcome.
Flag Football Mr. Sullivan Oct 16 – Nov 8 Room 313 & outside 6th graders  
Magic: The Gathering Mr. Czyz Thursday afternoons
2:45 – 3:30
Room 305 ALL Students gather to play the card game Magic: The Gathering. Bring your cards if you have them. We have extra cards to share if you don’t. If you want to try it out, we will teach you!
Civil Rights Team Mr. Kosak and Mr. Levy Thursday afternoons 2:45-3:30. Room 312 ALL The Civil Rights Team works to make our school a place for everyone by educating and advocating for equality and fair treatment regardless of religion, disabilities, gender, sexual orientation, race and skin color and national origin and ancestry.