Student Activities

Chess Club Mr. Higgins Jan-May Tue, Thur Walker bell-3:45 Rm. 308 All grade levels Chess Club is for beginners through expert players.  Learn moves and strategies for opening, mid-game, and end-game play.  Have fun, and eat snacks!
Flag Football TBD Fall Mon, Tue, Thur Walker bell-3:45 Rm. 308 6th (7th and 8th if room) Play in teams of 6, learn running and passing plays, and compete in a tournament to determine the champion.
Floor Hockey Mr. Boomhour Mid-March Mon-Thurs Walker bell-4:00 Large gym All grade levels Come have fun and work on developing your hockey skills.
Fitness Room Intramurals Mr. Boomhour Dec-Jan Tue, Fri Walker bell-4:00 Fitness Room All grade levels Come and learn how to develop your cardiovascular endurance as well as developing your muscular strength/endurance
Q+A Club Ms. Bucknam, Ms. LeBlanc, Mr. McNamara All Year Friday After the Walker Bell – 3:30 Art Room
All grades This club is for all students who want to fight bullying and discrimination based on orientation, gender identity, or expression; who want a safe and welcoming place to be themselves; or who want to support their friends and be an ally.
6th grade Math Team Mr. Stevens Oct-May Wednesday 7:10-7:40am Mobile Unit #4  6th graders Learn and practice new math concepts in preparation for local and state competitions.
7th grade Math Team Mrs. Russo Oct-May Wed 7:10-7:40am Mobile Unit #3 7th graders Students solve fun & challenging math problems in a competitive atmosphere. Students compete in Math Meets that take place on Saturday mornings & Tuesdays after school. 
8th grade Math Team Mrs. Weddle Oct.-May Wed 7:10-7:40am Rm. 202 8th graders Learn and practice new math concepts in preparation for local and state competitions. Students compete in Math Meets that take place on Saturday mornings & Tuesdays after school. 
 Math Counts Mrs. Weddle Oct-Mar Thursday  Walker bell-3:30 Rm. 202 All Grades All students interested in challenging written and oral competitions can participate.  The top four scorers at the State Final Meet win a trip to the National Competition. Math Counts practices start after the fall sports season is completed.
EarthKAM Mrs. Blake
Diane Bowen
All year Thur Walker bell-3:30 Library 8th graders EarthKAM members learn to operate a camera mounted on the International Space Station and conduct 3-4 missions per year taking photos of Earth from 230 miles above.  Students also mentor younger students at the annual Space Day Maine in May.
Book Club Mrs. Acheson All year Wed Walker bell-3:30 Rms. 211/313 Separate clubs for 6th, 7th and 8th Run by Melissa Orth of Curtis Memorial Library.
Yearbook Mrs. Hench All year Scheduled as needed Walker bell-3:30 Rm. 103 All grade levels Students design, create, and promote the yearbook. They select the book’s cover and help with layout using laptops to create the pages. They also take the photos, hang posters, eat snacks, and hang out!
Art Club Ms. Bucknam Winter Tue, Thur Walker bell-4:00 Art Room (Bucknam) All grade levels Free choice, open art studio time!  Students have access to a wide variety of art supplies to create whatever they like.  Fun guaranteed!
Go Green Team Mrs. Lamdin Fall and Spring Tue Walker bell-3:30 Rm. 108 All grade levels Help BJHS become more sustainable and environmental by volunteering to garden, harvest, water, compost, and other activities in the Garden of Eatin’.
Science Club Mrs. Lamdin 5-6 times a year Scheduled as needed Walker bell-4:00 Rm. 108 All grade levels Explore a range of fun science topics – experiment and build hands-on projects to learn underlying concepts.
Creative Writing Club Ms. LeBlanc  Jan-June Mon.  Walker bell- 3:30  Rm. 204  All grade levels Work on and share creative writing of all kinds. In the Spring we edit and design a student-produced, professionally-published literary magazine, Husky Prints.
Homework Club Mrs. Lera All year Tue, Thur Walker bell-3:50 Rm. 317 All grade levels A quiet space, homework assistance, and snacks are provided for students who would like to get help on schoolwork
Robotics Club Mr. McNamara Through Nov/May Mon, Thurs Walker bell-3:40 Rm. 403 Room for 24 students. Priority to 8th grade, then 7th & 6th Build robots (with lego technics), program the robots on our computers, design robots to compete in challenges; students work in groups of four
Civil Rights Team Ms. Capobianco


All year Every Other Monday
School till



Rm. 310 All grade levels BJHS Civil Rights Team advocates and educates on social justice issues. Civil Rights Team meets every other Monday after school, till 3:30 in room 310. Any questions about upcoming activities or project ideas please contact advisors: Andrew Kosak or Christine Capobianco (Ms.Cap)
Musical Mrs. Tarleton Sept-Nov. As scheduled As sched. As sched. All grade levels Everyone is included in the cast but those seeking lead roles must audition.  There is also space for tech crew.