Parent Group


The goals of the Parent Group are:
1    to promote communication among faculty, staff, parents & students;
2    to create a sense of school community; and
3    to enhance the quality of education at BJHS by supporting faculty, staff, students & parents.

First Parent Group Meeting To Be Announced
Meet other parents and learn about volunteer opportunities!

Other Meeting Dates To Be Announced
Watch your email and the Husky Herald
for details and other dates.

Stay informed about Parent Group activities.  
 Contact Brenda Masse (
to be placed on the mailing list.

There are many ways to get involved!

Teacher Prep:   Work in the copy room Thursday mornings to photocopy, laminate, cut and paste, etc. for the teachers and staff as needed.  

Teacher Luncheon Committee:  Organizes two teacher appreciation luncheons per year (November and May).  Contact: 

Student Directory Committee:  Produces a directory of BJHS students and their contact information.  Kerri Morthland (

Communications Committee:  Maintains an e-mail list of interested parents; keeps parents informed about how they can help and about Parent Group and BJHS activities and events.  Contact: Brenda Masse (

Meeting Coordinators:  Organizes Parent Group business meetings:  Volunteers needed.  Organizes two informational programs per year:  Volunteers needed.

Scheduler:  Sets dates, locations for parent group meetings and events; assists in communicating dates.  Volunteers needed.

Organizes volunteers to assist with this major BJHS fundraiser.  Volunteer needed.

Arts Nights – Hands on art activities (January) and Art Scoop:  an Art Show and Ice Cream Social (May). Volunteers needed.

Student Council Liaison/School Dances:  Provides refreshments at dances; other support for student council.  Volunteers needed.

Music Boosters:  Monthly meetings to help out with the band and chorus needs.

OTHER:  These are on the “wish list:  
1    Secretary for parent group meetings/post information on website
2    In School Communications (bulletin boards, kiosk displays etc)
3    Public relations/media releases about school events/student achievement

Do you have a particular interest, or an area of school improvement you would like to work on?  The Parent Group wants to support parents and community members getting involved in efforts to enhance BJHS – so this is the time to step forward!