Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Brunswick Junior High schoolrecognizes the unique needs of the Middle Level Learner. Our Mission is to provide an educational community where students are safe, engaged, challenged, supported and healthy.


We are a community where students and staff feel socially, physically and emotionally safe while working and interacting in our school and virtual environment.


We recognize the importance of students having choice, taking ownership, being heard, having fun and developing positive relationships. Students are engaged in all aspects of the school, across subject areas and with the community to improve the education for all learners. 


Learning is both purposeful and fluid to adapt to changing needs. Students develop flexible thinking, intrinsic motivation and the ability to apply learned skills to new situations. We challenge students by offering relevant, real-world curriculum with high expectations for all. 


We are a supportive community where students are listened to, understood, cared for and protected emotionally. We set clear and high expectations and scaffold and model appropriate behavioral choices and learning tasks while acknowledging the real-life demands facing students.


We are a community that protects, supports, reinforces and advances the total health and wellness of every member. We recognize the link between adolescent health, academic success and lifelong healthy practices.