Department Goal:
The goal of the Brunswick Junior High Math Department is to teach concepts for understanding while also providing instruction in the basic skills of middle school mathematics. Students at all levels of mathematics will be challenged to apply mathematical concepts to a variety of problems in their everyday life. Recognizing that problem solving is a complex, multi-step process, our focus is to prepare students to approach problem solving with confidence, accuracy, and the ability to clearly communicate their thinking process. Our goal is that students will achieve proficiency in problem solving in relation to grade level skills.


Program Description:
The current math program is based on the Common Core Math Standards. Emphasis at the sixth grade level is on fraction and decimal operations, percent and geometry concepts. Seventh grade instruction emphasizes integer operations, probability, ratio/proportion, percent, statistics, and basic algebraic expression and equation work. Eighth grade concept emphasis is on pre-algebra concepts, including algebraic expressions, equations, rational numbers, linear functions, graphing, and geometry. 

In order to best meet each individual’s needs, the Brunswick Junior High Math Department offers several levels of instruction at each grade level. Qualified students may take an advanced track that offers Pre-Algebra in 6th or 7th grade, followed by Algebra I the following year. The Algebra I class covers rational numbers, equations, linear equations (solving, graphing and writing), linear inequalities, systems of equations, quadratic equations, and polynomials. Students starting this accelerated track in 6th grade will take a formal Geometry class in 8th grade.