Language Arts

Department Goal:

The goal of the Brunswick Junior High School Language Arts program is to foster interaction among reading, writing, speaking, and listening in order to think and communicate effectively. Beyond the development of basic competence, the curriculum will challenge a student’s potential and encourage individual excellence. Using a balanced approach to instruction, emphasis will be on process as well as product. Students will practice language arts skills daily and receive frequent feedback across all content areas, providing the literacy tools for lifelong learning.

Program Description:

Consistent with this goal, as well as the Maine Learning Results (transitioning to the Common Core State Standards), B.J.H. students will achieve proficiency in expository/essay writing and narrative/creative writing. Students will also refine skills and strategies for comprehending, analyzing, and responding to a variety of literary genres, including novels, short stories, poetry, drama, and informational texts. The integrated grammar and communication instruction further serve to improve students’ ability to become effective communicators.

Language Arts Teachers

Mrs. Acheson  Rm #112  Jewell Island
Mrs. Sullivan DH Rm #310  Birch Island
Mr. Hardy Rm #107  Great Diamond Island
Ms. LeBlanc Rm #204  Eagle Island
Mrs. Lavigne Rm #211  Chebeague Island
Mrs. Wrede Rm #303  Bailey Island
Mrs. Willette Rm #203  Bailey, Reading Support
Mrs.  Arzate  Rm #205  Great Diamond, Eagle, Reading Support
Mrs. Morin Rm #307  Birch, Bailey, and Reading Support
Mrs. Smith Rm #203  Jewell, Chebeague, and Reading Support

BSD  English Language Arts Curriculum

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