Race Walk

Video – Learn to Race Walk

Key Sections of the Race Walk Video are below in the order as they appear in the video.

Walk Don’t Run
A. Jog as if late to class
B. Turn it into a fast walk

Definition of Race Walking
A. Continuous contact
B. Straightened Leg

From Bent to Straightened
As. Heel and Toe
B. Locked at the knee

Arms and Hips
A. Swing arms straight back
B. Hips forward

Optimum Stride
A.Do not over stride
B. Roll off the big toe

Walk Tall
A. Up on toes
B. Heel and toe
C. Falling & recovering motion

Power Position
A. Elbows up and back at toe off
B. Elbows low in front

Arm Swing “T” Position
A. “T” Shirt
B. Don’t cross the “T”
C. Race to the front, not the side

Easier and Lighter = Faster or Further
A. Be efficient
B. Be faster
C. Go further