Forms and Links

BHS ELO Types Exploring the different types of ELOs document may help determine the best format for interests and ideas.

Register Online First!  This Form Starts your ELO Process If haven’t already done this please complete and submit.

BHS ELO Planning Grid and Consent Form This needs to be the first form filled out after  registering online.

BHS ELO Rubric This will help you understand expectations and should guide planning and learning.

ELO Portfolio & Journal Guidelines Important suggestions are found here for final products.

Hold Harmless Release Form This needs to be signed by both parent and student before starting with community partner.

Work Based Learning  This is the main document needed for work based learning.

STEM-Related Job Shadow Requirement

Other Documents and Helpful Links

BHS Guiding Principles This will help with the planning grid questions.

Check out our community partners and create your own project…click here for some partner ideas;  Many great contacts found here to help jumpstart ideas and relationships.  Examples from New Hampshire ELO’s.