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An Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) provides an opportunity for students to explore their interests and expand their learning outside the classroom. This is a unique opportunity to help a motivated student explore your field. We hope that you will be willing to help us with your expertise. Students are asked to find a community partner in their chosen field of study to help guide them through their inquiry and serve as a resource to them. Students are expected to meet with this partner regularly as they progress throughout the project.

Community Partner Benefits: 

○ Enhance partnerships with schools and builds a positive community image 

○ Influences and contributes to the educational growth of students 

○ Provides opportunities to share experiences, insights and knowledge with students 

○ Prepares a higher skilled and motivated workforce 

○ Improves supervisory and motivational skills for employees by working with students; reenergizes current employees 

○ Assists young people in understanding what employers expect of employees 

○ Involves employees as mentors 

The community partner should be:

  • A professional or ‘expert’ in given field
  • Willing to provide help when needed
  • Sensitive to student’s level of comprehension
  • Willing to have photos taken with them
  • Willing to report if student is not reaching the mentor’s expectations
  • Provide expertise and advice within the given field of study
  • Guide student towards final skill level or product

Responsibilities of the Community Partner:

  1. Conduct an interview of student(s) based on criteria for an employee in a similar position.
  2. Work with the BHS ELO Coordinator or lead teacher to develop learning agreements with a set of expectations around student performance.
  3. Provide an orientation to the policies and procedures of the Community Partner site for the student(s).
  4. Provide adequate supervision and guidance to meet the student(s) ELO Learning Plan objectives and goals.
  5. Communicate with the student’s ELO Coordinator or lead teacher on a regular basis.
  6. Report student’s absence or tardiness to the ELO Coordinator in a timely manner
  7. Participate in an assessment of the student’s work.
  8. Communicate in a timely manner any issues or concerns.
  9. Adhere to all Federal and/or State Regulations regarding the employment of labor laws and other safety regulations that apply.