Hitting the Outside Pitch

Contact Point

The first thing you need to know is where to hit the outside pitch. Obviously the ball will be thrown over the far side of the plate, but you have to let the ball get deep near your back hip if you want to have a solid hit. Allow the ball to approach the middle corner of the plate, nearing your back hip — that’s where you want to hit it.

How to Hit It

Now that you know where to hit the outside pitch (off your back hip), you need to have the right approach:

  1. Start turning your hips: To start your swing, start turning your hips toward the pitch (“belt buckle to the ball”).
  2. Throw your hands at the ball: Your hips start your swing. Once your hips start turning, start throwing your hands outward at the pitch. Keep your hands along an inside path to the ball (imagine throwing the knob of your bat at the ball). On contact, your arms should be extended outward with your hips squared to the ball and your head down.
  3. Follow through: Your follow-through should be high and behind your head, with your chest lifted upward. Your head should be down with your eyes focused on where you made contact.https://softballdrill.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/softball-hitting1.jpg?w=245&h=300

Hitting the Outside Pitch Video

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