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We follow 10 steps before the ball is hit in our philosophy to get the short hop.  Each of our players remind themselves that the ball is being hit to them every pitch.  Prior to the pitcher releasing the pitch, while her pitching arm is at the height of her rise every fielder on the team punches leather in order to demonstrate that they are ready every pitch as well as to get their glove in a wide position.

1. pre-step– hop or jump as the batter swings at the pitch
2. glove presentation– glove low and in front, but not so the wrist is stiff
3. right-left catch– That is, Right foot, Left foot, Field the ball.  This is the rhythm you want to have as you field the softball.  It will keep you squared up to the ball, and it’s the same rhythm you’ll use for forehand and backhand plays as well.
4. heel rock– left heel to left toe first
5. left-eye catch
6. hands out
7. Eckstein Step
8. hunt the short hop
9. high glove catch
10. fielding posture

Fielding Responsibilities by Position:

Pitcher (1)
Catcher (2)
First base (3)
Second Base (4)
Third Base (5)
Short Stop (6)
Outfield (7-9)

Run-Down Tips
Infield Drills


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