No Name-Calling Week


The Anti-bullying committee and the Civil Rights team have designated this week as No Name-Calling Week here at BJHS. This is a nationally recognized event that takes place in schools throughout the U.S.

At BJHS, we plan to raise awareness on the power of words and how we can make our school safer by eliminating words that hurt.

There will be a variety of activities for everyone to participate in throughout the week.  During morning advisor, we will be making a school-wide paper chain to show we are linked together to combat bullying (pictures to come later in the week).  On Friday we will be doing  a mix it up lunch- students will be encouraged to make connections with other students by grabbing a buddy and sitting with students they don’t normally sit with.  Above all students are challenged to think twice before using language that is hurtful. 

Please join us by committing to make BJHS a safe place for everyone.



Media Release from the DOE

Our students are getting healthier, but signs of depression and thoughts of suicide are rising.  Below is a link to a media release with information from a Maine student survey.  At BJHS Mrs. Nein and I have been in health classes in December and January speaking with students about suicide prevention. Friends are often the first to hear that someone they know is thinking about taking their life.  We stress the importance of seeking an adult they trust to find help and support.