What’s Happening in Rm. 10?

Reading Logs, Reminders, Newsletter!

Every Monday, your child will receive a new reading log, reminder table, and newsletter update. We call them our “reading logs” because that is what’s front and center on the document and what the children use from the document.

This document is sent home on Mondays. It will travel back and forth each day to school until Friday when your child turns it in for the last time to receive a smiley, sticker, or stamp on their reading from Thursday night (Monday’s reading will be rewarded on Tuesday, Tuesday’s on Wednesday, etc…) On Friday, you may keep the reading log for your records and a new one will be sent home on Monday. The children are awesome about this routine and love showing me what they are reading at home. (books form the classroom travel home each night to support the children’s independent reading but ANY kind of reading can be recorded on the reading log; books on cd, raz-kids, family members or sitters reading to your first grader, etc.)

At the bottom of every reading log will be a “Reminders” section where I will mention special events in the classroom, in our school, or in the community. 

On the back side of every reading log is  a quick snap shot of what happened in our classroom the week before. It will include our learning goals, which makes this a great conversation starter at home! “Tell me more about…” or “What does your teacher mean when she tells us that you learned….”.   Sometimes we need to slow down, back up and reteach, OR units are particularly long, so sometimes items will be repeated from week to week.  The snap shots on the back will often include photos so the text will be small! I will do my best to post them to our website for you to see in color or print a new one if one is lost. 

**Check out our “Kid Zone” (in the above menu bar) for further updates and visuals of our classroom community as the year goes on!