First Day Of School – Author Unknown
She started school this morning,
And she seemed so very small.
As I walked there besider her
In the kindergarten hall.

And as she took her place beside
the others in the class,
I realized how all too soon
Those first few years can pass.

Remembering, I saw her as
She first learned how to walk.
The words that we alone made out
When she began to talk.

This little girl so much absorbed
Is learning how to write.
It seems as though she must have grown
To girlhood overnight.

My eyes were blurred by hastily
I brushed the tears away
Lest by some word or sign of mine
I mar her first big day.

Oh how I longed to stay with her
And keep her by the hand
To lead her through the places
That she couldn’t understand.

And something closely kin to fear
Was mingled with my pride.
I knew she would no longer be
A baby by my side.

But she must have her chance to live,
To work her problems out,
The privilege to grow and learn
What life is all about.

And I must share my little girl
With friends and work and play;
She’s not a baby anymore —
She’s in Kindergarten today.

Just  Playing Author  Unknown

When I’m building in the block area,
Please don’t say I’m “Just Playing.”
For, you see, I’m learning as I
play: about balance and shapes.
Who knows, I may be an architect someday.

When I’m getting all dressed up, setting the table, caring for
the babies,
Don’t get the idea I’m, “Just Playing.”
For, you see, I’m learning as I play:
I may be a mother or a father someday.

When you  see me up to my elbows in paint, or standing at an easel, or molding
and shaping the clay,
Please don’t let me hear you say, “He’s Just Playing.”
For, you see, I’m learning as I play.
I’m expressing myself and being creative.
I may be an artist or an inventor someday.

When you see me sitting in a chair “reading” to an imaginary audience,
Please don’t laugh and think I’m “Just Playing.”
For you see, I’m learning as I play.
may be a teacher someday.

When you see me combing the bushes for bugs, or
packing my pockets with choice things I find,
Don’t pass it off as “Just Playing.”
For, you see, I ‘m learning as I play.
I may be a scientist someday.

When you see me engrossed in a puzzle or some plaything at my
Please don’t feel the time is wasted in “Play.”
For, you see, I’m learning as I play.
I’m learning to solve problems and concentrate.
I may be in business someday.

When you see me cooking pretend tasty foods,
Please don’t think that because I enjoy it, it is “Just  Playing.”
For, you see, I’m learning as I play.
I’m learning to follow directions and see differences.
I may be a cook someday.

When you see  me learning to skip, hop, run, and move my body,
Please don’t say I’m “Just Playing.”
For, you see, I’m learning as I play.
I’m learning how my body works.
I may be a doctor, nurse, or an athlete someday.

When you ask me what I’ve done at school today, and I say, “I Just Played,”
Please don’t misunderstand me.
For, you see, I’m learning as I play.
I’m learning to enjoy and be successful in my work,
I’m preparing for tomorrow.
Today, I am a child and my work IS play

Learning My Way by Jean Feldman

When I listen to a story or look at books each

I’m learning to read in my own special

When I sing a song or say a rhyme,

My listening skills will develop on time.

The small muscles I use when I work a puzzle or play
with clay

Will help me to write a sentence one day.

When I jump, wiggle, and run the day

My muscles and body are growing strong.

When I put away my toys or pass out snacks at

I’m really doing my math, too.

I will develop my scientific skills by and

My coloring, painting, and gluing may look like a

But they all encourage my creative best.

When you read to me, talk, and listen,

I’ll learn to love books and language, it’s

Holding me close, hugs, and quality time,

Show me that you’re glad you’re mine,

When you accept me for who I am and cherish what I

I’ll learn to love others and respect them,

As you give me choices and let me go.

Into an independent adult I will grow.

Every minute of every new and exciting

I’m learning and growing in my own special