Dear Parents,

     Kindergarten is such an important time for you and your child. From friendships to ABC’s, your child will be constantly learning, making decisions, building self-confidence and much more.
      This year, the foundation for a lifetime of learning is established; thus, it is important your child be actively involved in a fun and exciting educational experience.
      To help me, I ask you to:
– talk positively about school
– read daily to your child
– select an appropriate bedtime – attending school can be a physically exhausting experience
– encourage your child to do his best
– listen carefully to your child
– praise your child often for his accomplishments
– encourage your child to ask questions
– informed children are confident children
– be active in your child’s education (attend parent/teacher conferences and open house)
– volunteer at school or home
– keep me informed of changes in your child’s life
– reinforce what your child is learning at school
      When parents and teachers work together, it’s the children who surely benefit.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Stephanie Lucas


Welcome to the world of volunteering!
Parents are a vital part of our kindergarten classroom.  Your child will be happy to see you and I am always happy to have some extra hands!  Typically, we wait until mid-October to start to give us the opportunity to settle into our classroom procedures.

Volunteers are asked to sign in at the main office (before arriving at the classroom) and to wear a volunteer button. When you leave the building, remember to sign out and return your button.

Kindergarten children are so much fun to work with!  They often are very enthusiastic and busy!  If the group you are working with seem a little too loud, just remind them to use inside voices.  If a child seems unfocused, try to help the child get back on task by using a quiet but firm voice.  You might need to restate directions for a little one.  Remember the children are young and still learning how to be good listeners. 
Please remember that each child in the classroom is unique.  Their rate of learning, behavior, and social skills vary.  The goal for each child is to make progress, no matter where they might be developmentally.  Please do not share your observations with other parents.  
Volunteering is exciting!  You might teach the children how to play a literacy game, read to students, assist with the completion of an art project, chaperone a field trip, supervise a learning center, or complete prep work at home. 
Have fun and enjoy the time you spend with the children.  Volunteering in a kindergarten classroom has many special rewards.   

Thank you for volunteering!