Our Day

Greet Students – attendance and collection of lunch money and notes                 Calendar MathematicsFlag, counting the days we have been in school, recording
the weather, 100 chart – counting by 10’s and 5’s, various patterns, days of the week, sign language ABC’s and numbers, etc.
Literacy BlockPhonemic Awareness Activities, Shared Reading/Writing, Variety of Literature, Whole Language, Read Aloud, Mini Books
Math in Focus Program – look forward to many exciting and new lessons as we embark on our second year of this program!                                                       Written Message – a short letter to the class used to teach a variety of beginning reading and writing skills.
Group Instruction – various skills and directions are shared which children will use to complete projects 
Snack & Books
hand washing, manners, interacting with peers while refueling on healthy snacks before partner reading & retelling.
Math and Literacy Workstations – children are given time to explore and manipulate a variety of objects (ex: magnetic letters & numbers, wikki stixs, alphabet cubes, counters, linking cubes, etc.) to reinforce skills taught in class.  
Lunch & Recess

Brain Vacation –
rest time is an essential part of our day. We will listen
to soothing music, hear chapter book stories, write on whiteboards and use “grab and go” activities. This time allows us to rest our minds as well as our bodies preparing us for further hard work. Just like an adult enjoys their coffee break from work, children need time to just take a break from their rigorous day.

Diversified Arts – art, music, computer lab, library & PE

Other – Charts & songs, Graphing, Star of the Week, Writing Journals, Estimation Jar, Second Step Social Stories, etc.
Learning Labs – reading, writing and math activities that allow children the opportunity to work with others, express their ideas, plan projects, and to assume responsibility for clean up.  Some of the skills we work on include:
   Art – fine motor, creative expression, exploring materials
   Books – reading for enjoyment, letter recognition, concepts of print, comprehension, vocabulary development, variety of children’s literature
   Blocks – cooperation, balance, shape and size discrimination, physical coordination, spatial relationships
   Computers – hand/eye coordination, patterning, sorting, letter and numeral recognition, following directions, concepts of print
   Puzzles and Games – problem solving, social skills, visual perception, classification, hand/eye coordination
   Housekeeping – oral communication skills, conflict resolution, vocabulary development, role playing
   Math – problem solving, one to one correspondence, counting, sorting, patterning, hand/eye coordination
   Writing – fine motor, letter recognition, sequencing, letter/sound correspondence,


Goodbyes – discussion of our day and story.