Lexile Levels (Text to Grade Correspondence)

Lexile-to-Grade Correspondence

Lower number in range is the 25th percentile of readers or texts- higher number is the 75th percentile of readers or texts. (This is not a prescribed guide, used only for descriptive purposes).

Typical Reader Measures, by Grade              Typical Text Measures, by Grade

Grade Reader Measures (25th to 75th) Grade 2012 CCSS Text Measures
1 Up to 300L 1 190L to 530L
2 140L to 500L 2 420L to 650L
3 330L to 700L 3 520L to 820L
4 445L to 810L 4 740L to 940L
5 565L to 910L 5 830L to 1010L
6 665L to 1000L 6 925L to 1070L
7 735L to 1065L 7 970L to 1120L
8 805L to 1100L 8 1010L to 1185L
9 855L to 1165L 9 1050L to 1260L
10 905L to 1195L 10 1080L to 1335L
11 and 12 940L to 1210L 11 and 12 1185L to 1385L